Turbidity Meter with infra-red light source Highlights EN ISO 7027 Range from 0.01 – 1100 NTU Measurement with infrared light at an angle of 90° Measurement of coloured liquids Easy ha..

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Senso Direct 1501

SensoDirect 150, TDS Meter

The SensoDirect 150 combines the features of several hand-held meters. Highlights pH/Redox, Conductivity/TDS Meter, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature °C/°F All in one Real time data logger Pr..

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SensoDirect 110, PH Meter

The SensoDirect is a high quality, portable handheld meter. Highlights High measuring accuracy Light weight Protective casing Large digital display ”Low battery” indicator Two-Poi..

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• SD 50 pH • SD 60 ORP/Redox • SD 70 Con • SD 80 TDS • SD 90 Salinität Highlights Portable Hand-Held Meter Scroll-Through Functionality Compact & Robust Storage Functio..

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Comparator 2000+

Colorimeter for water testing in public pools & spas with colour-stable glass standards. Highlights Accurate and reproducible results Colour-stable, fade-free glass standards In accordanc..

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CHECKIT Comparator

With continuous colour scale low cost – precise – reliable Applications: Water Treatment (e.g. Drinking Water), Pools, Laboratory and Field Testing, Special Applications Highlights Easy o..

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PM 600 PM 620

The ultimate range in Pool Photometers For reliable pool relevant water analysis Highlights Two units – 13 or 34 parameters Hand-held and portable for ease-of-use Fully waterproof (IP68)* ..

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MD 200

Precise results through the use of high-quality interference filters Highlights Scroll Memory Automatic Switch-Off Real-Time-Clock and Date Calibration mode indicator Backlit Display St..

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MD 100

Precise Water Analysis in High Quality Design – Small, Mobile, Rapid Highlights Waterproof (as defined in IP 68, 1 hour at 0.1 meter) Automatic Switch-Off Real-Time-Clock and Date Calibr..

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The Minikits are developed for fast testing, mainly based on titrimetric methods. Highlights Easy operation and exact reagent dosing Measurement accuracy Unrestricted shipment and safe stor..

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