Pool Water Testing Kits

There are numerous areas where water testing is considered a must, one of which is swimming pools. On the off chance, you recently made a swimming pool purchase for your home, or you plan to buy a home swimming pool, you should already have a strong understanding of why regular testing of your pool water. It is strongly advised so that your pool remains clean and safe for you and your family. Make zero mistakes, performing the task of pool water test can be difficult—it can lead to complexity. A well-balanced pool manages the water to be safe and prevents your pool from any corrosion, which means this adds to the life of your pool’s liner.
One of the fundamental things to comprehend about water testing is having a good understanding of your pool water. If your pool is a salt-based or you have a chlorine-based tablet pool, pH meter balance is a significant concern. Without a decent balance, your pool sanitizer will expect not to be as effective. In fact, pH levels that are too high can present your pool’s chlorine ineffective. This means your pool may be a shelter to bacteria, even if it is not visually obvious at first. Balanced water is tied to your pool’s safety. Your skin and eyes can be damaged by a pool containing too much chlorine. Then there’s also the cost-effective aspect of testing pool. Safe water means less probability of expensive pool cleanup. It is essential that when conducting pool water testing kits that you are only using high-quality water testing instruments. By knowing that you are using such high-quality water testing equipment, you can have the peace of mind and confidence that the water you swim in is high quality.

Waterlilly Australia is the one professional water testing company you can trust for reliable and high-quality water testing kits. You can guarantee your pool water is perfectly safe and clean by using the water testing services of Waterlilly Australia.

At Waterlilly Australia, we are proud to represent Tintometer in the Australian and New Zealand market. We offer unrivalled and unique expertise in the areas of water analyses, test kits and colour measurement. Our Lovibond® products range offers the best equipment for all water test requirements: potable, drinking and washing water, surface, ground and raw water, wastewater and effluents and swimming pools.
For more information or technical inquiries regarding our pool water test kits, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on + 61 2 9798 9975 or e-mail us at sales@waterlillyaustralia.com

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