How Water Analysis Instruments are Important

We all want to be sure that the water we use either for drinking or general use, is free of impurities. Unfortunately, it’s not something that we can always be sure of. Today, the water we use isn’t as pure as we would like it to be and this can have a negative impact on our health too. So what can be done to identify whether the water has any impurities or not?

We at Waterlilly Australia Pty Ltd are one of the leading companies in this space and have been providing high grade Water Analysis Instruments to customers across the country. We cater to customers from various fields that trust only us to provide them with the testing instruments they need. Over the years, we have built a very strong reputation and are the niche players in this space who focus on providing our customers solutions that work perfectly for them. The instruments we provide can be used in applications such as:

  • Testing potable water
  • Testing surface water
  • Drinking & washing water tests
  • Testing of ground & raw water
  • Wastewater & effluent checks

Different Types of Equipment

We understand that customers have a variety of requirements and the instruments we sell use liquid reagents, tablets or powder for testing processes. You can choose the one you require based on the application and setting you are going to use it in. We also provide the highly advanced Lovibond® range of Water Analysis Instruments; these include:

Other Equipment

If you need any equipment to test waste water, you have the option to choose between the MultiDirect, Thermoreactor RD 125 or SpectroDirect models. Another piece of equipment called the advanced Membrane filter set can also be used in this application. Apart from this, we have a variety of equipment that is used in industrial and drinking water analysis as well. If you are looking for accurate & technologically-advanced water analysis instruments, call Waterlilly Australia Pty Ltd at this number- + 612 9798 9975 or connect with us via this online form.

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