The Different Uses of Water Analysis Instruments

Effluents in drinking water is a major concern in various municipalities; the need of the hour is for effective water testing instruments that will be able to test and analyse whether the water is potable and safe for human consumption. Waterlilly Australia Pty Ltd has been consistently bringing to market the best instruments that can be used in applications including:

  • Testing potable water
  • Ground  & raw water testing
  • To test surface water
  • Wastewater & effluents checks
  • Washing & drinking water tests

Range of Equipment

Ours is one of the leading companies in the industry and our range of equipment can be used in different applications. We also know that every customer has different requirements in terms of the testing they want to do as well as the setting at which the water has to be tested. This is why we offer a variety of water analysis instruments- some of which use powder and tablets, while others use liquid reagents:

  • Our range of Lovibond® products has highly advanced water testing equipment including TurbiCheck, SensoDirect 150, Comparator 2000+, CHECKIT Comparator etc – These are typically used to test pool water.
  • We have a range of equipment that is used in testing waste water as well as in environmental testing- the Thermoreactor RD 125, SpectroDirect and MultiDirect are the ones used for this purpose.
  • We also have a wide variety of products for customers who are looking for water analysis equipment to analyse industrial as well as drinking water.

Visual Compactors

The specialised Lovibond® range of equipment can be used in colour measurements in environments including labs & field testing. The visual compactors we offer are the ideal solution in single-scale colour grading.  If you are looking for the latest and the most technologically advanced, water analysis instruments, call us at + 612 9798 9975. You can also contact Waterlilly Australia Pty Ltd via this online form & we will revert within the shortest possible time. We provide you the best solutions based on your specific requirements.

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