Water Analysis Instruments and Equipment

Water is quite simply life! However, with so many different sources of water how do you know that the water you and your family is drinking is really safe? are you sure that the water is free from contaminants and germs? This is why using high quality water analysis equipment is so important. Water analysis instruments are designed to help people determine if the water they are consuming is safe for them. There are various types of equipment out there which can be confusing for the average buyer who just wants something which they can trust. At Waterlilly Australia we sell Lovibond’s range of waster testing equipment.

Lovibond is one of the leading brands of water analysis test kit. The kit can chemically analyze water and use color measurements in almost every environment. In addition, we also carry a host of reagents and instruments which can be used for testing of water, washing water, raw water, surface and ground water. The water of swimming pools and boiler water can also be tested using this equipment.

Straight forward and simple approach

At Waterlilly Australia we strongly believe that Lovibond’s range of water analysis kits for the most part represent the easiest and most flexible way to perform routine water analysis which delivers highly reliable results. In recent testing it was determined that the results delivered were as good as regular laboratory testing so the readings can definitely be trusted and relied on by anyone who wants to make sure that they are drinking clean water.

Our ever expanding and improving line of highly advanced range of color measurement instruments which range from visual comparators to a single scale color grading systems allows for full scale testing. With our kits you never have to wonder or assume if what you are drinking is safe to consume. We have made the whole process of keeping yourself healthy when outdoors or when in an industrial environment easy.

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