Water Testing Equipment – The Importance of Colour Measurement

When it comes to testing water to ensure it’s clean and safe, one of the key methods you have at your disposal is colour measurement. Today’s sophisticated water testing equipment provided fast, accurate measurement of colour.

If you need to check the purity level of you drinking, washing, pool or industrial water, one fast approach is through the use of colour testing. Water takes on many hues and colours depending on its location, the state of the natural light, and the presence of dissolved minerals and other particulate matter.

Testing the colour of any sample of water offers a fast way to determine the level of contamination. Most discolouration results from organic materials through inorganic substances such as various minerals can also be responsible.

The colours of water indicates the presence of a range of chemical and organic pollutants such as copper from plumbing systems, rust from iron pipes, algae, bacteria, and so on. This means that colour testing is an effective way to determine the nature of water pollution.

Water Testing Instruments for Colour Measurement

Colour in water can be measured by eye. This process involves comparing a sample to a series of slides or tubes of various hues. However, this method is cumbersome and not suitable for certain types of contamination such as that resulting from industrial waste.

Nowadays you have access to range of sophisticated colour measurement equipment. Models such as the MD 100 Photometer are equipped with high-quality interference filters.

Fast, easy to use, highly accurate, the MD 100 Photometer is compact, portable and safe. They use LEDs as a light source to test water in a transparent sample chamber. They can also store comprehensive date of past results for ease of recall.

If you’re in need of water colour testing solutions, Waterlilly Australia can supply the most advanced range of colour measurement instruments. Our offerings include visual comparators for single scale colour grading all the way to the kind of high-end flexible, full scale photometric instruments that offer comprehensive options and supreme accuracy.

To discover Australia’s premier water testing instruments and modern colour measurement tools, call Waterlilly Australia on 61 2 9798 9975

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