Water Testing Instruments and What they can do

When it comes to testing water, you want to be sure that you are using accurate Water Testing Instruments.  While there are a number of companies that sell these products, we are the leaders in this space. Over the years, we have created a distinct niche for ourselves and our customers trust us to provide them the Water analysis instruments they need. We have a wide range of instruments that are used in different applications such as testing:

  • Drinking water
  • Water used in swimming pools
  • Waste water
  • Water used in industrial use
  • Other

Variety of models

No matter what applications our customers use these Water Testing Instruments in, they are always assured that these will be of the highest grade. These instruments can be used in a lab or in field work and they are accurate and reliable. There are a range of applications to choose from such as:

  • SensoDirect
  • TurbiCheck
  • Comparator 2000+
  • CHECKIT Comparator
  • TurbiCheck

All these highly advanced instruments are from the popular Lovibond® range of instruments. They are used in waste water checks and to check whether the water is pure. We have a special range that is used to test waste water and the models available are:

  • Thermoreactor RD 125
  • MultiDirect models
  • SpectroDirect

Make a well- informed choice

While we bring to our customers the very latest Water Analysis Instruments, the rates we maintain are highly competitive. Since we have such a vast range of products, making a choice can sometimes be very difficult.  You are welcome to call us and speak with our experts. Just tell them what your requirement is and they will provide various options and will advice you about the pros and cons of each.

This helps you make a smarter choice.  You can speak with our experts at this number-612 9798 9975. If you prefer, you can also send us your queries about Water Analysis Instruments via this online form. If you browse our website, you will find a lot of information listed there.

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