Your Handy Guide to Water Analysis Equipment

One of the things we depend on in today’s world is a constant supply of pure water for cooking, drinking, bathing, and to make our swimming pools hygienic and pleasurable to use.

Industry and local and central governments, too, rely on a dependable water supply. Moreover, they also have to be vigilant in handling environmental waste water and industrial water so that it’s properly treated.

The fact is that contaminated water is a very serious issue with major health implications. These can range from a pool with excess chlorine causing eye problems to serious lead poisoning from old plumbing.

The Importance of Water Analysis

In order to deal with any problems with water, it first has to be tested. The good news is that today’s water analysis instruments provide a simple and flexible way to get fast accurate results in both the field and in a laboratory.

Today’s cutting edge water analysis test kits such as those in the Lovibond range offer you all the equipment your need to for both chemical analysis of water and carrying out colour measurements. These flexible and accurate tools allow you to carry out water testing in all kinds of environments in all conditions.

Water is one of the absolutely essential items for the quality of life of the each of us. Don’t compromise with your water. If in doubt, you need to test it. You can do it easily with one of the many high-quality water analysis instruments available from Waterlilly Australia.

As a leading distributor of quality water analysis instruments, Waterlilly can handle your needs for testing kits for a potable, washing, cooler and swimming pool or spa water, as well as surface, ground, raw water, and wastewater.

Equipped with water analysis test kits from Waterlilly, you can be confident of getting timely, accurate results with your water analysis. That way you can be sure of taking the right action to ensure all the water your deal with is clean and hygienic and complies with all standards and regulations.

For more information on water analysis instruments, call Waterlilly Australia on 61 2 9798 9975

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